The Raybould Lab

Helen Raybould's Lab at UCDavis

Congratulations, Dr. Ehrlich

Congratulations to the Raybould Lab’s newest Ph.D., Dr. Amy Ehrlich.  She is already starting her next chapter in Denmark.  We look forward to seeing what great things are in store.

2017 Zoetis Award for Research Excellence

Congratulation to Dr. Raybould for being this years recipient of the Zoetis Award for Research Excellence.

Our lab’s latest publications, which takes a close look at the gut microbiota – host response by examining effects of prebiotics on gut function.

Prebiotic milk oligosaccharides prevent development of obese phenotype, impairment of gut permeability and microbial dysbiosis in high-fat fed mice

M. Kristina Hamilton, Charlotte C. Ronveaux, Bret M. Rust, John W. Newman, Melissa Hawley, Daniela Barile, David A. Mills, Helen E. Raybould

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