Dr. Raybould


Dr. Raybould captains this great mad ship.

  • Location: 2021 Vet Med 3B

Graduate Students

Danielle “Dani” Zumpano

    Kuei-Pin “KP” Huang

    Graduate Student

      Scientist & Postdocs

      Sunhye “Sunny” Lee

        Mariana Barboza Gardener

        Project Scientist

          Michael Goodson

          Project Scientist

          As a scientist, I am fascinated by how the body energetically maintains itself and figuring out how the food we seem to love short circuits this.  How the microscopic universe that inhabits our digestive system gets involved in this is especially cool to me.  I love wrangling big data and working on really great experiments in the lab. I also love to making sawdust, great food and cocktails, and playing in the dirt.

            Trina Knotts

            Assoc. Project Scientist

            • Location: 2219 VetMed 3B