Dr. Raybould

Helen Raybould
Distinguished Professor

Dr. Raybould captains this great mad ship. 

She is also a GI neurophysiologist with a particular interest in the role of innervation of the GI tract by primary vagal afferent neurons in GI physiology and food intake.  The lab's research explores how the phenotype of these neurons change in obesity and metabolic disease as well as the influence of gut microbiota on GI physiology, including gut epithelium and intestinal barrier function and on plasticity in vagal afferent neurons


Graduate Students

Danielle “Dani” Zumpano
Graduate Student

Scientists & Postdocs

Michael Goodson
Project Scientist

As a scientist, I am fascinated by how the body energetically maintains itself and figuring out how the food we seem to love short circuits this. How the microscopic universe that inhabits our digestive system gets involved in this is especially cool to me. I love wrangling big data and working on really great experiments in the lab. I also love to making sawdust, great food and cocktails, and playing in the dirt.

Trina Knotts
Mariana Barboza Gardener
Project Scientist


Wendie Vang
Lab Assistant

Wendie is both the glue and grease that keeps the lab humming along.

Undergraduate Students

Annabella Rodriguez